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What are Gen Y companies doing to motivate their employees? Try Paid, Paid Vacations! Also, taking one full week a quarter ‘off the grid’ with no phone, internet or social media to reconnect with life.

Watch Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group in his great Ted-X Boulder video (caution… some course language): http://www.feld.com/wp/archives/2010/10/my-tedxboulder-presentation-on-the-quarterly-week-off-the-grid.html  What Brad discovered was the joy of reconnecting with his wife and being able to handle 11 hour days the rest of the time in his fast pace, software investment company. (While keeping his marriage in tact.)

I was fascinated that he also fails at this goal 1/8th of the time, but celebrates the failure and recommits. In other words… nothing is perfect and that is okay. Don’t quit because you miss a goal or a New Year’s Resolution. Failure is part of Learning.

Back to the Paid, Paid Vacations: Employees at FullContact, a Cloud based all-in-one contact management site, not only get their vacation days and their salary, FullContact pays each employee $7,500 USD to take a 2 week holiday every year! If employees don’t take the holiday, they don’t get the extra $7,500.

FullContact stresses it’s employees taking advantage off the $7,500 Vacation deal must also follow some simple rules (and there are some guiding principles as wel)l:

1) You must get off the grid! No phone, no Internet, no computer. They believe it makes you healthier, happier and more productive when you come back to work. They might even disconnect your email for 2 weeks to ensure you disconnect.

2) The company will be a better company because their people disconnect. Creativity, job satisfaction and productivity soars.

3) Everyone deserves a great vacation. Not all can afford one. So the company settled on $7,500 per employee so a family of 4 could fly to a nice place, stay in a great hotel and eat fantastic food.

Would you be looking for another job if your company offered this kind of a benefit? I doubt it.

I’d LOVE to hear your comments on this idea. Please forward this to others and get their input as well. Please LIKE us if you think these are good ideas.

Check out Bert Lorang, CEO of FullContact and his comments on Paid, Paid Vacations for more details: http://www.fullcontact.com/2012/07/10/paid-paid-vacation/

By the way, Brad Feld is an investor in FullContact. Great minds think….

Smile Maker: Strange but true resume blunders:

“Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse”   (How do you renovate a horse?)

“1990 – 1997: Stewardess – Royal Air Force”  (Didn’t know you could fit a stewardess in a jet fighter cockpit)

Hobbies: “enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians”  (I hear they taste like chicken)

“Service for old man to check they are still alive or not.”  (???)

“2001 summer Voluntary work for taking care of the elderly and vegetable people”  (Broccoli men and cabbage patch kids?)

“I’m intrested to here more about that. I’m working today in a furniture factory as a drawer”  (Does he have a handle on him?)

“I am about to enrol on a Business and Finance Degree with the Open University. I feel that this qualification will prove detrimental to me for future success.”  (Do you think Open University accepted this person?)

My highest recommendation: 

Dear friends, I read a ton of books. So, it’s not often that I find myself surprised and delighted by someone work – to the point where I suggest a book to everyone. But, I cannot resist. A friend of mine, Ron Kaufman, has released his latest book aptly titled Uplifting Service. The book is, without a doubt, one of those books you MUST read.

Uplifting Service takes readers on a journey into a new world of service. It’s a paradigm shift that crushes all the old cliché’s of service and inspires immediate action. The book also showcases dynamic case studies – most, an absolute surprise to the reader (even to me).

Uplifting Service shows any business, leader, or person how to leverage strategies from the powerhouses of service. This book is perspective-changing read for leaders, managers, and front-line workers. And, if you thought service was “soft” business, this book will change your point of view. These are the stories and applications that have changed the entire game.

I highly recommend this book! Buy the book today. And apply the message in this book ASAP. Go to:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0984762558/ronkaufmanA/ or by clicking on www.UpliftingService.com

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